Blue Chip Crypto Packages

Service Packages

BCC offers Cryptocurrency consultation for individuals as well as small groups. Consultations are developed and presented in a video portal environment tailored to your specific needs and can address anything from gaining more knowledge about the basics of Cryptocurrency to more advanced topics such yield farming and how to invest into DeFias well as how to keep your coins and tokens ultra secure. The following is a list of areas the BCC team specializes in:

Beginners Package

• Basics of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

• How to invest

• How to use Soft and Hard Wallets for storage

• Which exchange(s) are best

• How to transfer coins and tokens between wallet addresses

• How to view transaction data

• How to make your coinsand tokens ultra secure

• How to best track news and announcements

Intermediate Package

• Using investment thesis and mental filters to choose which crypto projects to select for investment

• Increase the probability that in the next 5 years your coins and tokens will stillhave a use case

• How to setup and use a Metamaskwallet with Decentralized Exchanges

• Cold storage using Hard Wallets such as a Ledger or Trezor, setup and philosophy

• Backup and recovery plans for private keys

• Customized security plan based on your lifestyle & needs

• How to organize and view your assets with a realtime customizable investment portfolio tracker

Advanced Package

• Basics on how to get starting earning with DeFi (decentralized finance)

• Advanced DeFi topics such as yield farming

• How to distinguish between good and bad projects using the BCC investment philosophies and filters

• Lost funds and wallets, lost passwords, passphrase or recovery word phrases

• Corporation and high net-worth individuals; investment planning strategies and execution

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Concierge Consulting

• The rates below are for individuals requesting 1 on 1 personalized consulting for education setup strategies and/or portfolio consultation; please contact BCC regarding group rates.

• One-on-One Consultation $5000 /hour (1 hour minimum deposit)

• One-on-One Ongoing Consultationsafter three months regarding portfolio rebalancing, future product selection, securing your assets, and exit strategies; please contact BCC as rates vary per individual needs.

• Sessions are conducted with secure video and screen sharing using Zoom

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The Strategy

BCC designs and consults on strategies based on your short-term and long-term goals and objectives. BCC will show you how to create a customized plan builton prudent financial concepts applied to the cryptocurrency asset class.

Blue Chip Portfolio picks we believe can 4x to 25x in the next 24 months
Blue Chip Income picks that will remain steady and profitable for 5 years
DEFI, NFTs and other up and coming picks with great performance potential
Two to Three Aggressive picks that we believe have 25x to 100X return potential 24 months out

The TRUE Value Benefit of Blue Chip Crypto Education

"The Cryptocurrency Bucket Plan"

A traditional Bucket Plan approach to investing for a thirty-year retirement typically involves compartmentalizing your assets into three buckets based on your investment time horizon and volatility tolerance. These three buckets are traditionally composed of a “Now Bucket”, a “Soon Bucket”, and a “Later Bucket”. Now Buckets are for money that is to be spent in the next 12 months and therefore needs to remain liquid. Soon Buckets contain investments that are to be spent down over the next 10 years and thus should have less volatility. Later Buckets are for more aggressive investments that are not intended to be spent until after10-years and thus can have greater volatility in the portfolio. One should not fret over short-term market volatility in a Later Bucket since there is no immediate need to spend the money held there.

At Blue Chip Crypto, we believe that it is important to build your cryptocurrency portfolio with a “Bucket Plan” philosophy in mind by compartmentalizing your cryptocurrency assets into buckets that hold different purposes. However, we want to point out that a “Cryptocurrency Bucket Plan” is much different from a “Traditional Bucket Plan” approach to retirement planning because you are designing this plan in a new asset class that is only in its early adoption phase. As a result, cryptocurrency will have much greater volatility than traditional markets with traditional asset classes. In addition, the time horizon we are looking at in a Cryptocurrency Bucket Plan is much shorter.